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Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What is Access 2 MYusik?

Access 2 MYusik is an independent music publishing and recording company established on March 16, 2007 by three founding partners – Lynman, Dennis and Debbie who are songwriters themselves – in order to help amateur songwriters hone their craft and provide exposure for their songs in the commercial market, both in the Philippines and throughout the world.  The company does not have the huge resources and the extensive machinery of major record labels but it has come up with innovative and cost-effective methods of producing and marketing songs.  The founding partners practice their own professions outside the music industry and their common love for music and interest in helping amateur songwriters has served as the catalyst for setting up the company.  Access 2 MYusik is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a partnership, and also with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).  (Note: For other details, please see pages on “Company Profile” and “Founding Partners”.)

2.       What other support services does Access 2 MYusik provide to songwriters and artists?


Access 2 MYusik provides various support services to selected songwriters in order to polish their songwriting craft as well as their selected songs which will go into recording: (a) Song Production Workshop; (b) Vocal Performance Workshop; (d) One-on-One Pre-Production Song Clinics for Each Selected Song; (e) Production Supervision and Vocal Coaching During Recording, among others.  Most of these services are provided for free.  However, minimal fees may be charged for a workshop to cover function room rental cost and snacks.


In addition, for songwriters in general, Access 2 MYusik conducts regular Songwriters’ Afternoons (where songwriters perform their songs among fellow songwriters) and Basic Songwriting Seminars.


3.       What is the nature of the song contract being offered by Access 2 MYusik?

Access 2 MYusik is presently offering only 5-year single-song publishing and mechanical contracts to songwriters.  However, a contract may include more than one song, such as 2 or 3 songs.  This means that a song that has been selected for music publishing will automatically go to recording and will be included in a compilation album for commercial release within the first two years of the contract, at best.  (Note: For a detailed presentation of the contract, please contact any of the founding partners of Access 2 MYusik.)

  1. Will advance royalties be paid to the songwriter?

Considering the limited resources of the company at this time, advance royalties will not be paid to songwriters.  However, as the company grows and acquires more resources, advance royalties may be paid in the future.

  1. What types of royalties will the songwriter receive?

Access 2 MYusik shall pay songwriters the following royalties that will be due them: (a) mechanical royalties; (b) sheet music royalties; (c) performance royalties; (d) synchronization royalties; and (e) sundry royalties.

  1. How will profits be shared between the company and the songwriter?

The sharing of royalties between the company and the songwriter will be 50-50.  These royalties shall be based on net sums actually received by the company, less deductions for the expenses and costs incurred by the company.  Royalties will not be paid on anything distributed for free by the company to advertise, promote and market the songs.

  1. What types of songs is Access 2 MYusik looking for?

Access 2 MYusik accepts any song in any genre but selection will depend on the theme of the compilation album that will be produced.  For example, the theme for the 1st compilation album that will be released later this year is “love” as broadly defined – romantic love, heartbreak, love for family, love of country, love of God, etc.  The next albums may possibly have the following themes: Christmas, Youth, Inspirational.  Please watch out for announcements on the themes of upcoming albums that will be produced.

  1. What are the criteria used in the selection of songs?

Access 2 MYusik uses the following criteria in screening songs for publication and recording:

Commercial Appeal (memorable, has potential multiple uses) – 40 %

Lyrics (imagery, focus on a specific subject or story) – 20%

Melody and Rhythm (has a hook, exciting dynamics, unpredictability) – 20 %

Overall Impact (prosody, emotional impact on the listener) – 20%


However, the founding partners may decide to select a song based on artistic merit or uniqueness.


  1. Who can submit songs to Access 2 MYusik?

Access 2 MYusik will prioritize songs from amateur songwriters (those who have not had any song released commercially) and professional songwriters (especially those whose annual income from songwriting does not exceed P15,000.00) from any part of the Philippines or the world.

  1. What are the standards in making demos that are acceptable to Access 2 MYusik?

Access 2 MYusik believes that demo submissions should be made at the least cost to the songwriter.  A clean and clear vocal recording with guitar or piano accompaniment will suffice.  A recording done at home using a personal computer or karaoke is acceptable.  However, the pitch of the musical accompaniment and the vocal must be consistent.  In screening songs, only the quality of songwriting in relation to the criteria will be considered.  The quality of production will not be a factor.

  1. How should demos be submitted to Access 2 MYusik?

 Submissions may be made personally to any of the founding partners with a CD or cassette tape of the demo together with one (1) copy of the lyrics contained in a short brown envelope.   The contact numbers and complete name of the songwriter should be included in the lyrics sheet.  The title of the song and name of songwriter/s should be written on the CD itself.  However, the company prefers to receive demo submissions through email.  An mp3 file of the demo and lyrics in Word or RTF format may be sent to any of Access 2 MYusik’s founding partners.  Contact numbers should be included in the email message.

  1. What is the screening process employed by Access 2 MYusik?

The founding partner to whom songs are submitted will do the initial screening based on the aforementioned criteria.  He will then forward the songs to the other two founding partners for their separate and independent evaluation.  The scores garnered by each song will be discussed in the regular meetings of the founding partners.  The selection of a song for publication and recording is always based on consensus among the three founding partners.

  1. How can I ensure that the songs I submit to Access 2 MYusik will not be stolen and released under some other person’s name?

Access 2 MYusik can assure that all submissions will be treated with confidentiality and will never be submitted to any third party before the signing of the contract.  However, if the songwriter would like to make sure that he/she has copyright protection, registration of copyright may be made through “poor man’s copyright” (that is mailing the CD or cassette tape containing the song plus a printed copy of the lyrics with the songwriter’s name and the date that the song was written to yourself; upon receipt, the package must not be opened; when a dispute arises, the package will be opened in court) or registration with the Copyright Office at the National Library located at T.M. Kalaw, Manila.  For more information on this and to downloaded forms, please go to -- http://www.gov.ph/faqs/copyright.asp    

  1. How will the selected songs be used by Access 2 MYusik?

As a publisher and recording company, Access 2 MYusik will market and shop, directly or through intermediaries, the selected songs in CD form, cassette tapes or in whatever medium of storage or transmission in order to obtain income for both the company and the songwriter.  Initially, the selected songs will be included in a compilation album and will subsequently be promoted in other venues or media to gain the maximum possible exposure for the songs.

  1. How can artists and bands performing the songs benefit from publication and recording?

The artists and bands, whether they are the songwriters of the songs or not, will proportionately gain public exposure as the song is promoted, especially if the songwriter is also the artist/vocalist or is a member of the band.    

  1. What is the format of the compilation album that will be released?

The CD compilation album will contain about 30 songs in mp3 format with the optimum bit rate for high audio quality.  A complimentary songbook will serve as companion to the CD.  The songbook will contain the lyrics and chords of each song, as well as the story behind each song, the profile of the songwriter/s and the profile of the artists or band.

  1. Who will shoulder the cost of producing the album?

Access 2 MYusik shall shoulder the cost of mixing and mastering each song, replicating the album, promoting and marketing each song in the album.  The company may also extend some assistance to the songwriter/s for the recording of the tracks for each song subject to certain terms and conditions, and to the resources of the company at a given time. 

  1. Does Access 2 MYusik offer a talent management contract for artists?

Access 2 MYusik plans to offer talent management contracts to artists or bands in the near future but such artists or bands should also serve as the interpreters of the songs selected for publication and recording.


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