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Company Profile



Spreading the future of music today



To be known as a proponent of new Filipino musical talents and to inspire the world through original Filipino music



To discover and assist new Filipino musical talents and provide a springboard for their musical careers in the creative economy


Guiding Principle

Understand, manage and cultivate creative thinking with passion and persistence


Core Values


Two Steps Ahead

- To drive dynamic evolution in the music industry through innovative business approaches, progressive thinking and a determination to bring about change for the better.

Quality, Professionalism and Excellence

- To insist on uncompromising quality, utmost professionalism and excellence in business practices within the partnership and in dealing with clients.     


Cater to Consumer Needs

- To create products and services that cater to the needs and lifestyles of consumers of music entertainment.


Discover, Develop and Promote

- To discover and develop fresh musical talents and to promote such talents in all possible venues, including commercial settings.


Confidence and Trust

-To build client and consumer confidence in the company as well as lasting goodwill through relationships based on trust and respect.

(Access 2 MYusik Co. SEC registration No. PG200704053; TIN 006-663-170; OMB No.  LMP 07-10010 for local licensee to replicate CD; and OMB No. LMP 07-1011 for Producer of Music Products)

spreading the future of music today