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Songwriters invited to Access 2 Myusik soft launching


Are you one of the many aspiring songwriters who have joined songwriting competitions but never made it to the finals?  Have you submitted demo tapes of your songs to recording companies but never got a callback?  Have you been writing songs for the past few months or years and would like to hear at least one of your songs played on local or national radio?  Access 2 Myusik will help you achieve your dreams as a songwriter!


Access 2 Myusik, a newly established independent music publishing and recording company, is inviting amateur songwriters (with unpublished or unreleased songs, as well as songwriters with an annual income from royalties not exceeding P15,000 in the last 3 years) to its soft launching on April 21, 2007, Saturday, to be held at the Merced Bakehouse and Restaurant, EDSA corner Quezon Blvd. (near NSO) at 1:00 p.m.  Admission is free.  Snacks will be served.


The company’s founding partners, who are songwriters themselves, will present a package of publishing and recording opportunities for amateur songwriters, as well as other support services.  The company’s initial project is a new concept in the Philippine music industry – a thematic compilation CD that will contain the best 25-30 songs from amateur songwriters in mp3 format to be released 2-4 times a year for commercial distribution to the general public as well as promotional distribution to major record labels.  Interested songwriters may also bring rough demos of one (1) to three (3) of their best songs in either CD or cassette tape with three (3) copies of the lyrics for submission.  Solo acapella home recording is acceptable as long as the pitch of the vocal performance is consistent.


Due to limited slots, please contact any of the following founding partners of Access 2 Myusik if you are attending, or if you would like to submit your demo recordings:

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